Family History

Our story goes back many generations to the beautiful Greek Mediterranean Island of Samos. My Grandfather Emanuel ( Manoli ) Skorpos and his father attended to the olive grove and vineyard in the rugged mountainous region known as Morteri (Moptepi). Their passion and dedication to farm such rugged terrain still shows today with the terraces they carved to plant the olives and vines which are still harvested right till the present day.

This passion skipped a generation and in 1991 when Emanuel travelled to Samos and visited the Family Estate a passion was realized and a plan hatched to return to Australia to develop a vineyard and olive grove. On returning to Australia Emanuel began his quest to locate the perfect piece of land in which to establish the vineyard and olive grove in the Skorpos tradition.

Many regions were explored; Emanuel finally set his heart on the beautiful Southern Flinders Ranges as the most suitable location due to the similarities in the climatic conditions that the Southern Flinders Ranges shared with the Mediterranean. The contrast of warm to hot days and cooler nights in the Southern Flinders Ranges would be equally beneficial helping the fruit to ripen in the day and rest at night.

It did not take long for Emanuel’s vision to be realized with critical recognition soon following due to the high quality fruit that the region was producing, many highly acclaimed winemakers from the Barossa, Clare and McLaren Vale regions were extremely impressed with the region, and in fact when the first commercial vintage was released, the “ 2005 Flinders Run Shiraz ” it received rave reviews from highly acclaimed and recognized wine critic Robert Parker who awarded this wine a 95 point review...

This family passion and tradition is evident in Emanuel’s dedication to continue in his forefathers footsteps attending to the vineyards and olive grove, which shines through as a mark of quality in every bottle of Flinders Run Wines and Olive Oils.