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Next vintage release tasting dinner

Once a year and when the winemaker and Emanuel agree that the wines are ready, our very special customers get an invitation to attend the highlight of the Flinders Run year, “The Flinders Run Vintage Dinner” for us it’s a very special occasion as it’s a chance for us to showcase the best wines we have to offer, it includes the next vintage release wines as well as past special vintages. It’s a chance for us to share a moment in a relaxed atmosphere with our many special guests. 
Set in the Barrel shed this location sets an atmosphere of times gone by when big medieval banquets were held in the rustic barns.
This includes a rustic style five course dinner that’s matched perfectly to the wines with the help of the guest chef for the occasion.
 A night of amazing food and wines, with an electric atmosphere it’s the chance for Emanuel and Laura to meet with their many customers as well as a chance for you to mingle with the winemakers and taste what the next vintage release has to offer.
It’s a night filled with fun and romance, you can be guaranteed of a great night of food and wines mixed up with some great company after all as Emanuel says
“ Since time began when wines were first crafted wines have been enjoyed amongst the    company of family, friends and great food”