Vineyards management

Emanuel spent much of his time during the initial set up stage doing most of this work himself, from the first humble beginnings when the planting material was sourced from Leasinghame wines in the Clare Valley, to the first plantings Emanuel has been active in the properties development an epic struggle to bring his dream to furition. Many long and tedious hours of tractor work, training and pruning all in an effort to raise these vines into what they are today.

Our vineyards are managed with minimal intervention, diligent pruning allows for selective bud placement, canopy management for dappled light, minimal chemical application and an emphasis on biodiversity. The most important factor for the production of high quality wines is low yielding minimal production vines we aim for a yield between 2 to 3 tons per acre.

All of this time and effort has been devoted to ensure a healthy active balanced vineyard, which provides the perfect conditions required for good even fruit development with an intensity of colour, flavours and aroma, all the necessary ingredients for the production of high quality wines.

Today Emanuel still spends time in the vineyards overseeing their management with the team of dedicated staff who under Emanuel’s and the winemaker’s guidance carry out the day to day operations required for the successful running of vineyard development.