Wine Overview

The Skorpos Tradition was simple enjoy a couple of glasses of wine with every meal, Grandfather ( papou skorpos) would sit quietly and enjoy his meal and mischieoviously I would ask him for a taste, Grandma ( yiayia skorpos ) would tell him off , despite her growling he would provide a mouth full for us to enjoy.

It was from these humble beginnings and as time went on that Emanuel’s passion for wine evolved, many weekends at various cellar doors, saw Emanuel develop an interest for wine the various styles and varietals.

Emanuel’s passion to produce wines with a unique style soon evolved; with an understanding that the Southern Flinders Ranges was producing premium fruit and under the guidance of winemakers Simon Hackett and John Zilm the first initial trials in 2001 and then in 2003 would create the foundation for what was to come, premium wines with a style and personality that is unique to the Southern Flinders Ranges.